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Marketplace Master was created by industry experts that wanted to give dealerships the very best, most relevant trainingavailable on the market.

You can expect us to find the best keynotes and most concentrated educators every year. This is who we are. This is our absolute passion.

As the founders of Marketplace Master, we have been published over 60 times, appeared on stage over 40 times, and exhibited over 50 times in the past 15 years. We have backed up some of the largest industry dealer conventions for the last 10 years.

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it’s all about MARKETING

What is the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and Expo all about?

We focus on providing the necessary education to auto-dealers on subjects such as industry theories and innovative technologies that, once applied, will propel their business to operate in such a way that they can experience maximum conversions. In addition, through the efforts of education, we encourage dealers to work with our premier vendors, as we trust them to care for the dealers most basic and most advanced needs.


The online automotive space is an environment that transforms rapidly. We have noticed that few companies take full advantage of the toolsets and strategies available to them, especially local Independent, Franchise and Special Finance/Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. What’s worse is that many dealerships understand they need to take this next step, but don’t know how. Success in the automotive industry requires a framework that operates both in and out of the traditional automotive space. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and many other large scale audience-based giants are setting the trends. We understand that there is a major paradigm shift taking place in the automotive industry. If dealers aren’t up to speed, they will soon be left in the dust. Our goal is to catch local dealerships up to current standards and teach them how to stay relevant.


The integration of a fully functioning local market strategy is capable of propelling a fledgling dealership into an automotive powerhouse. We have decided to take it upon ourselves to provide the valued tactics and strategies necessary for modern success to dealers in need of assistance.


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The Marketplace Master Dealership Series is focused on what works, how Independent, Franchise and Special Finance/Buy Here Pay Here dealers can achieve incredible results, and how to take action through the application of modern strategic marketing. Unlike other conventions, our focus is greater than simply telling dealers what they should buy and then sending them out the door.We train dealers to truly master control of their businessWe have some of the most dynamic industry speakers taking our stage. Their sole intent is to make very clear exactly what it is that Even with the incredible changes we have seen in digital marketing, one thing has not and will not change. Automotive dealers own and operate local businesses and rely on their local communities for conversions. This focal point is key to understanding the needs of dealers everywhere.