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Attend the most dealer-focused, education-targeted Conference and Expo in the industry!

Marketplace Master does it right! We aren’t just trying to sell you goods, we want to provide expert educationals from the best in the industry! We have built our conference on sessions developed from the hard work of focus groups, educators, researchers, and industry experts. Receive training from highly recognized automotive industry sales and marketing experts! You will get more out of these 3 days than you have at any other conference and expo.

September 6th
7th and 8th 2017

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We have brought the best dealership in-house
trainers to you – all in one 3-day event!

Learn how to build, manage, and operate a profitable dealership!

The Marketplace Master Conference and Expo is hands-on and results orientated – we are focused on dealer education to drive success. We’ve developed high-impact, business-changing educational to increase your dealership’s profits.

Discover the secrets to dominate your how to

  • Guarantee your sales success
  • Build and maintain a winning sales team
  • Proven scripts and techniques
  • Build a consistent and effective game plan
  • Get the tools, confidence, knowledge, and management skills
  • Implement a workable system for business development
  • Drive more revenue and sell more units than you ever thought possible
  • Capitalize on selling opportunities
  • Unlock the potential of your dealership
  • Develop tracks and techniques to maximize your prospects
  • The knowledge you need for practice, growth, and learning
  • Get more repeats, referrals, and new business
  • Increase your sales without adding a single expense
  • Develop, improve, and fine tune your techniques and skill sets
  • Maximize your selling potential
  • Find the solutions to your sales and profits

We won’t ask you to change
everything under the sun.

We concentrate on educating you on what really works.

With the Marketplace Master Expo and Conference you will learn how to create more opportunities and learn how to maximize those opportunities. This is going to be the best thing you ever did for your dealership. Never before has the industry seen a more concentrated effort to inform dealers on how to develop, improve, and fine tune techniques and skill sets. You’ll learn how to implement a workable system for developing new sources of business to take your dealership to the next level.
Invest in the future of your dealership. Your business will thank you for the experience.

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We have masterfully created an experience of a lifetime for any dealership. After attending over 50 conferences as not only attendees, but exhibitors and speakers, our Founders wanted to do something special. Get the best education on the market and discover the secrets to dominate your marketplace!

Learn From the Best
in the Industry!

Get thousands of dollars’ worth of the best education for dealers from the industry’s top-rated experts. We have brought together highly recognized automotive sales and marketing experts for a high-impact, business-changing educational to increase your dealership’s profits!

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