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Marketplace Master Sponsorship Opportunities Here at Marketplace Master, we go all out for our sponsors!

Sponsors of the Marketplace Master Dealership Series present their business as industry leaders and are provided a wealth of exposure and publicity. Sponsorship brands will be put into strategic position to influence attendees and draw in business.

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All Sponsors Receive



Ad in the Dealer Strength E-zine

Ad placement leading up to, during, or after the Convention in our Dealer Strength e-zine.



Mentions on the official Convention and Expo website.


Media Placement

Mentions on the official Convention and Expo social media.


Release Syndication

Mentions on the official Convention and Expo press rleases.


A Preferred Partner

You will be one of our Preferred Partners for the lifetime of the company, listedpermanently on the Sponsors page on our website and be highly recommended by Marketplace Master.

expo guide

and Directory Full-Page AD

Permanent logo placement in the Program Guide and Expo Directory that all attendees will see.



Receive a recorded custom interview with a Marketplace Master representative.

Marketplace Master 2017

Sponsorship Opportunities

Marketplace Master 2017 Expo and Conference Sponsorship - $25,000

Champion the Marketplace Master Dealership Series by becoming our exclusive 2017 Expo and Conference Sponsor. Take full advantage of being a shining example to the auto-industry in how to set standards and achieve excellence.


Dinner Sponsorship - $15,000

Our Dinner Sponsorship is an amazing way to satisfy your prospective customers without any of the heavy lifting.

  • Dinner Sponsorship Day 1 - $15,000
  • Dinner Sponsorship Day 2 - $15,000

Lunch Sponsorship - $10,000

Stay in the Dealer’s thoughts throughout the day by becoming their lunch-time hero.

  • Lunch Sponsor Day 1 - $10,000
  • Lunch Sponsor Day 2 - $10,000

VIP Wine and Cocktail Hour Mixer Sponsorship - $10,000

Capitalize early by sponsoring the first social event of the conference. This is an exclusive opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Main Conference Sponsorship - $10,000

This sponsorship provides heavy-hitting exposure on the Main Stage for the entire conference.

General Session Notepad and Pen Sponsorship - $10,000

Your brand will be seen by every attendee at the show. Everyone will have a notebook and pen with your company’s information.

Water Bottle Sponsorship - $7,500

Imagine all attendees sipping from water bottles with your brand name and logo on them! People will be sure to remember your name.

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship - $7,500

Sponsor one of our amazing keynote speakers and get the opportunity to introduce them before their speech.

Orientation Sponsorship - $5,000

Strategically placed between our Early Adapter’s Workshop and the Meet-Market, Orientation is guaranteed to be a high-attendance event.


Meet Market Entry Table Sponsorship - $5,000

After orientation, Dealers have a chance to meet-in-brief with the Exhibitors to get a feel for how they should focus their education.

  • Meet Market Entry Table 1 - $5,000
  • Meet Market Entry Table 2 - $5,000

Early Adapter’s Workshop Sponsorship - $5,000

This workshop takes place prior to orientation and is the most influential educational the Dealers will receive.


Registration Sponsorship - $5,000

Every Dealer walking through the door participates in Registration, making it a prime opportunity to promote your brand.

Lanyard Sponsorship - $5,000

Stay visible as everyone at the convention will be wearing a lanyard with your brand on it at all times.

Expo Guide and Directory Sponsorship - $5,000

The Show Guide is the first item the Dealers receive at Registration, thus the most direct path to your target audience.

Welcome Bag Sponsorship - $5,000

Guarantee that every Dealer attending the conference carries your brand by placing your logo on the Expo bag.

Exhibitor Awards Sponsorship - $5,000

Be the official sponsor of the Exhibitor Awards and have your branding displayed in front of all attendees.

Main Banner Sponsorship - $5,000

Have your brand logo displayed on the Expo and Conference’s main banner!

Coffee with Exhibitors Sponsorship - $5,000

Help the Dealers ramp up their energy and prepare for a long day at market by sponsoring the Coffee with Exhibitors morning event.

  • Coffee with Exhibitors Day 1 - $5,000
  • Coffee with Exhibitors Day 2 - $5,000

“Follow Us” Signage Sponsorship - $3,000

Place the branding of your choice on the carpet in the form of arrows that direct attendees directly to the Expo hall and Keynote stage.

Keynote Stage Sponsorship - $2,000

Be the Keynote Stage Daily Sponsor and have a table devoted to your brand for a day.

  • Keynote Stage Sponsorship Day 1 - $2,000
  • Keynote Stage Sponsorship Day 2 - $2,000

Kiosk Sponsorship - $2,000/Kiosk

Get your company additional exposure by advertising your brand, booth number, and a directional map of booth location.

George Dans Book Signing Sponsorship - $2,000

George Dans, "World’s Greatest Closer", will be signing 250 copies of his book, to be given out for free to the Dealers

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller Book Signing Sponsorship - $2,000

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller from Gravitational Marketing will be signing copies of their new best-selling book.

Drink Ticket Sponsorship - $1,500

Advertise your business with name and logo displayed on the backs of all drink tickets.

General Session Keynote Sponsorship - $1,500/Keynote Speaker

Sponsor one of our amazing general session keynote speakers and get the opportunity to introduce them before their speech.

Second Stage Sponsorship - $1,500

Our conference is affiliated with engaging and ground-breaking information that attracts Dealers from all over.

  • Second Stage Sponsor Day 1 - $1,500
  • Second Stage Sponsor Day 2 - $1,500

Meet Market Table Sponsorship - $1,000/Table

After orientation, Dealers have a chance to meet-in-brief with the Exhibitors to get a feel for how they should focus their education.

“Buy drink tickets and hand them out at your booth to attract more attendees!”


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